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Regular trains

Viaducts and Fenouillèdes route

Viaducts and Fenouillèdes route from Axat

Departing from Axat station, discover the landscapes of Aude, the train offers a game of hide and seek with the Aude river and its rapids. The panoramic approach to Axat through enchanting tunnels and its impressive viaduct, with breathtaking views of the Gorges St Georges. The discovery of the Audois landscape has many surprises in store for you with its forests, the Puilaurens fortress, which you admire from the Lapradelle viaduct. You will continue the route to Caudiès-de-fenouillèdes then to St Paul de Fenouillet, where the cliffs are open to the north towards the listed natural site of the Gorges de Galamus and the St Antoine hermitage.
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Viaducs and Fenouillèdes route from Axat​

Fenouillèdes and Viaducts route from St Paul de Fenouillet​

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