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The events

Theme trains

Geology and tales train

Take part in a three-dimensional journey
in the Agly valley: history of the line
of the railway, reading the landscape, stories
and music from the center of the Earth!​

Sensory journeys

Live the present moment during this walk where the landscape can be seen, listened to, smelled and felt.

Departing from Rivesaltes station, enjoy the experience with wine tastings, a gourmet meal, and the history of the landscape.

The Easter train

On board the Red Train, find the Easter Bunny to accompany you on a chocolate egg hunt in the forest. To end this journey, a Pascale omelette will be prepared to share together.

The Halloween Train​

Hop aboard the Halloween Train... Meet us, the witches, elves and watches! Finally a day where we can walk in the open air without having to dress up as humans. Finally I will be able to wear my sublime black dress with my pointy hat and ride my broom. For your part, I hope that you will have fun during this day aboard our train of fear, which will pass through bewitched tunnels and will take us to join our friends the ghosts at Axat station to have a snack with us!​

Santa's Train​

During this day you will find makeup workshops on the train, as well as a coloring workshop before arriving at Santa's Stop where you will look for him near the forest. He will then board the train with us to share a nice snack for everyone at Axat station. On the way back he will distribute his gifts to the children.​

Private events

Privatize trains for your special events (birthday, wedding, etc.)​

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