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Police investigation and tourist trip


The original mission of the passengers of the special "Ambiance" train will be the resolution of a police investigation during a journey of approximately 2.5 hours on the Rivesaltes-Axat tourist line aboard a T.P.C.F train

As soon as you board the trains equipped in the style of the Orient-Express, you will be transported into the atmosphere of the books of Agatha Christie or Conan Doyle. Individual leather armchairs, precious woodwork, wall carpets, bar wagon, etc.

Grouped into pairs of police officers in the style of Sherlock Holmes & Doctor Watson, you will have to comb through a series of elements provided throughout your journey.


Along the way, stops at each station will provide opportunities to obtain additional evidence. During this stop, you will receive side missions of geocaching or puzzles which will allow the most efficient to obtain additional confidential information.

Finally, a series of questions will conclude your “investigation trip” and allow us to gauge your detective skills.

This adventure is intended for adults due to the complexity of the investigation.

Designed for player duos by seating configuration (odd numbered players will be paired with other partners)

Mandatory “20s” dress code and rewarded with a prize for the best costume

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